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Ubuntu Full Disk Encryption

SecureDoc for Ubuntu full disk encryption, does this very rapidly through our operating system-agnostic OSA installer..

Once installed on an Opal self-encrypting drive, SecureDoc’s powerful yet flexible pre-boot authentication completely limits device access to defined users only.

SecureDoc Enterprise Server managing OSA ensures the addition or revocation of user access is easy.  New users can even access OSA devices instantaneously through OSA’s support for PBConnex network-brokered authentication at pre-boot.

OSA also has full support for device hibernation, forcing the user to re-authenticate at pre-boot when resuming the device.

With SecureDoc protecting a self-encrypting drive, in the event an encrypted Linux drive should become unbootable, your data is still safe. A few moments using SecureDoc’s SDRecovery tool will securely unlock the drive, returning it to “open” status.

By attaching the now-open drive to another Linux computer, the data contents can be copied, sequestered or moved to another drive or to network storage. If the original drive is still healthy overall, it can be reformatted and the data moved back into it.

With SecureDoc OSA protecting your Linux/Multi-OS device, there’s zero throughput loss – unlike software-based encryption like LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) which rely on implementation within the Linux (or other) OS directly.

SecureDoc’s OSA protects access to the drive without any consideration at all as to which operating system (or systems) reside on the drive – your choice of distro, boot manager or number or versions of operating systems is entirely yours to make.

SecureDoc OSA does not impact use of Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) yet provides a centrally-managed enterprise-grade encryption offering for Linux that does not rely on software-encryption and is impervious to distro version updates.

SecureDoc OSA installation is easy. An OSA install package can be implemented directly from a bootable USB, from a PXE server, or using a Windows installer application.

To install SecureDoc’s protection on Linux will take approximately 2 minutes. The actual management of the Opal SED protection will occupy a scant 15 seconds of that time.

The installer interface is simplicity itself, direct and very easy to use.

During the installation, the client will communicate with your SecureDoc Enterprise Server, updating the SES database with information about the device, user, as well as to define essential recovery information in case it should ever be needed.

Once complete, your data is fully protected. Following a simple shutdown/restart, you will be prompted to authenticate with your personal credentials at pre-boot.

Once authenticated, grub/lilo will prompt him to choose his OS environment. Once into your Ubuntu or other Linux/*BSD/*nix environment, it’s completely “business as usual”.

At WinMagic we have an enviable 17+ year history of protecting our customer’s data assets.

Few of the other major players in the encryption market have paid any attention to Linux/*BSD or *nix users, but WinMagic offers a centrally-managed encryption solution that is truly Operating System Agnostic, ideal for any of these POSIX-compliant environments, as well as emerging OS platforms and multi-boot environments.

With SecureDoc OSA, we offer a robust yet lightweight, highly flexible and distro-independent way of ensuring that your Linux or other *nix-like environment’s data, projects, source code or other intellectual property remain protected:

  • without having to “bake in” software-based encryption support into your Linux or other distro, and
  • without having to worry about how kernel updates might affect a baked-in software encryption implementation.

With thousands of customers, over 5 million devices protected in over 84 countries around the world, you can trust WinMagic SecureDoc OSA to protect and centrally manage the protection on any Ubuntu or other Linux/*BSD/*nix asset.

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What our customers are saying...

" As a world-recognized think tank of security experts providing consulting, training, and briefings to highly-prestigious corporations and government agencies around the world, including Amazon, Microsoft, and the National Security Agency, Black Hat is in a unique position to evaluate all security solutions available. Entrusted with highly-sensitive customer information, Black Hat selected WinMagic's SecureDoc full-disk encryption to ensure all data is protected on its windows-based systems. "


" We have spent considerable time to evaluate disk encryption products for integration with our VPN solution for mobile professionals - Thales Trusted VPN. Based on a very strict evaluation focusing on fulfillment of a combination of requirements to international security standards, functionality, user-friendliness and price, we decided to go for WinMagic's SecureDoc. We are now able to offer our customers an even more complete security solution for mobile users and home offices. "

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