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Windows Servers

Windows-based servers – Better manage enterprise data encryption


Manage the Enterpriseline break

WinMagic’s SecureDoc OSA (Operating System Agnostic) for Servers enables enterprises to lock down their physical infrastructure investment, offering software or hardware full disk encryption to seamlessly manage and secure the data residing on a company’s Windows servers.


Windows Servers

Mitigating damage in the event of a data breachline break

If an encrypted drive is lost or stolen, WinMagic’s intelligent key management allows you to quickly crypto-erase the drive if it’s operational, or at least render the data inaccessible by removing the encryption key.

This empowers customers to:

  • Enhance security by managing TCG Opal & TCG Enterprise Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)
  • Assure server security through startup and authentication
  • Pre-boot network authentication
  • Centrally manage all servers and devices with SecureDoc Enterprise Server
  • Eliminate the need for OS-specific software installation
  • Support any distribution of Linux*



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