BitLocker drive encryption

BitLocker Drive Encryption – what’s the best way to manage it?

BitLocker drive encryption

BitLocker Drive Encryption is an encryption feature built in to Windows 10 operating system.

Designed to protect your data from threats, BitLocker Drive Encryption is being adopted on an unprecedented scale. But a key component of encryption is missing that's critical for IT administrators – centralized key management.

While a huge number of Windows users are currently using BitLocker to protect data-at-rest on Windows 10, many organisations don't have any kind of management solution in place. Such organisations often suffer issues with cost of ownership, performance, device compatibility and complexity. At WinMagic we believe BitLocker Drive Encryption is a solid starting point to protecting your data, but encryption is just the beginning.

WinMagic offers the most highly integrated solution for BitLocker management in the market today, what we like to call SecureDoc on Top for BitLocker (or SDoT). You can learn more about SDoT and how it can help you reduce cost of ownership, improve performance, deliver better compatibility, and reduce complexity by checking out our latest Tech Brief on Managing BitLocker in the Enterprise.