A Guide to Better BitLocker Management


The seemingly never-ending torrent of high-profile data breaches has encouraged companies to evaluate their security fundamentals. One of which is full-disk encryption (FDE), a security best practice that protects information on servers, laptops and other devices while they are at rest. Many security companies offer encryption solutions, but the management of encryption keys can be challenging with functionality inherent to the encryption technology. Such is the case with Microsoft BitLocker. Fortunately, addressing these challenges are easier than security professionals might think when the proper tools are employed.

IaaS & Data Security: Keeping Data Safe in the Cloud


Though it’s been nearly 50 years since the advent of the concept of cloud computing, recognition of the cloud’s power to transform business operations is a far more recent development. Improved scalability and flexibility, cost effectiveness and greater availability of services across platforms and devices – meeting the needs of today’s changing workforces – are just a few of the factors driving the adoption of cloud computing.

In fact, as choices increase, up to 80 percent of enterprises globally plan to shift from on-premises datacenters to some degree of cloud-based infrastructure, or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), in the near future.

This eBook will explore the changing threat landscape as businesses move their infrastructure to the cloud, examine the rising costs of data breaches and present an actionable strategy for businesses to mitigate these risks.

Enterprise Cloud: Intelligent Key Management Mitigates Risk


Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) adoption is now fairly universal, and IT pros have generally accepted its use as a part of enterprise computing today. With this increasing rate of adoption, the newest wave of concern for the large number of companies using EFSS solutions begs the question—how do we make sure our data is secure?

Cloud Security Perceptions; Practices - Spiceworks Survey


Moving to the Cloud? Not so fast – it might be time to re-evaluate your data security strategy. Whatever ultimate decision that may come to be, it is important that IT departments implement the right security solution to protect sensitive data.

What Consumers Believe About Cloud File Sharing


And outside of the obvious productivity benefits, these file services bring with them a range of potentially harmful security concerns. A recent Harris Poll survey of over 2,000 U.S. adult consumers commissioned by WinMagic showed that 64-percent of respondents use cloud storage solutions. IT Pros should consider the options surrounding these beliefs.

Protecting Critical Data in Your Financial Institution


Financial institutions (FIs) face huge challenges when it comes to data security as the nature of data within the organization tend to be critical and sensitive information. If this data is lost or stolen, FIs can potentially face hefty monetary fines, lost customers or worst, a negative brand image that can impact future business.

Five Things You Must Know About Microsoft BitLocker


Microsoft offers an encryption method in BitLocker, and the company has aggressively promoted BitLocker to bolster the security credentials of its operating system. Based on front-line experience providing data security solutions and speaking with IT security pros, WinMagic offers 5 must-know tips for those imminently deploying BitLocker.

Five Observations of Retail Data Breaches


Based on front-line experience providing data security solutions, WinMagic offers 5 key observations and lessons on the unique security challenges facing retailers and details proactive steps and strategies to implement to avoid a data breach.

Healthcare Providers and Patient Data Security


Today’s healthcare organizations routinely access personal health information (PHI) through a variety of platforms like desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and USB drives. With data breach counts continuing to rise in this environment, healthcare organizations are beginning to understand that encryption is the key element in protecting confidential data and ensuring compliance.

Data on Right Side of the Law; Encryption for Legal Services


As legal organizations continue to share information across stakeholders via multiple devices and portals, the threat of data leaks and unauthorized access becomes a concern for all those involved. Data encryption can help mitigate many of these risks and reduce IT administration and total cost of ownership when managed properly.

Read our latest eBook for legal services as we take you through the many hidden benefits of encryption and how to spot an ideal encryption solution.

Data Encryption for the Emergency Services Sector | eBooks


ESS organizations handle confidential data on a daily basis and often face strict compliance requirements that are mandated by governing bodies tasked with protecting public data.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about best practices on data encryption within ESS organizations and the critical features any good encryption vendor should have to help keep data safe.

Protecting Student and Institutional Privacy


Colleges and universities are experiencing data security issues on a daily basis. Both faculty and students use a variety of platforms and mobile devices to research, learn, access and store information. As a result, confidential data can reside almost anywhere and the risks of lost or stolen data becomes increasingly real.

Download the latest eBook, “Protecting Student and Institutional Privacy” from WinMagic to learn about the security challenges facing educational institutions today and what security strategies should be considered to keep the institution data safe.