IaaS and Data Security: Keeping Information Safe in the Cloud Amid a Surge of Data Breaches


Though it’s been nearly 50 years since the advent of the concept of cloud computing, recognition of the cloud’s power to transform business operations is a far more recent development. Improved scalability and flexibility, cost effectiveness and greater availability of services across platforms and devices – meeting the needs of today’s changing workforces – are just a few of the factors driving the adoption of cloud computing.

In fact, as choices increase, up to 80 percent of enterprises globally plan to shift from on-premises datacenters to some degree of cloud-based infrastructure, or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), in the near future.

This eBook will explore the changing threat landscape as businesses move their infrastructure to the cloud, examine the rising costs of data breaches and present an actionable strategy for businesses to mitigate these risks.

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