Manage BitLocker in your enterprise

Discover SecureDoc on Top for BitLocker – the best way to manage BitLocker

Windows Bitlocker

Discover SecureDoc on Top for BitLocker – the best way to manage BitLocker

  • Simplified deployment and authentication
  • Demonstrated compliance, audit and reporting
  • Unified key management and policy control

For enterprises dominated by the Windows Operating System, Microsoft’s BitLocker native encryption has been naturally adopted to protect organization-owned endpoints. Integrating BitLocker into the operating system is a
good first step in improving data security. But there’s still a real need to manage BitLocker within the enterprise.

To make BitLocker work in your enterprise, you’ll need a simple, yet intelligent tool that can manage BitLocker alongside other solutions to meet a broad set of technical and compliance requirements.

"If BitLocker is not adequate, then SecureDoc should be seriously considered."
IT Personal Technology Supervisor, Energy & Utilities Sector, Gartner Peer Insights (2016)

Manage BitLocker with SecureDoc for unified key management & policy control

SecureDoc on Top (SDOT) for BitLocker, powered by WinMagic’s Intelligent Key Management engine, manages BitLocker within a single security umbrella – SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) – offering organizations total control over their data security environment.

SES enables customers to streamline their IT processes, and as a result, helps reduce the total IT cost of ownership. It makes BitLocker easy to manage for IT staff, and is simple, transparent and hassle-free for end-users.

Everything Encryption

Most enterprises don’t operate on only one platform or restrict data access only to corporate devices, so it’s impossible to rely solely on a native encryption solution like BitLocker to manage all your risk. You need a solution that can protect and manage data across all your endpoints – as well as help you manage BitLocker more effectively.

SecureDoc supports more hardware and software platforms than any other solution

SES manages everything encryption. it’s an intelligent solution that automatically detects BitLocker, FileVault 2 or Self-Encrypting Drives on the device and uses the best available option to manage those keys, manage BitLocker and other native encryption offerings such as FileVault2 for macOS and protect the rest of your environment. What’s more it’ll do all that regardless of the platform, or whether it’s on the endpoint, removable media, or in individual files and folders.

To learn more about how to manage BitLocker, download the solutions brief