BitLocker encryption

Centralized BitLocker encryption management from WinMagic

SecureDoc BitLocker encryption management by WinMagic is purpose-built for our constantly-connected world.

Bitlocker encryption

As organizations seek ways to safeguard their valuable data across a myriad of devices and operating systems, they need a robust layer of comprehensive security to manage every device on every platform. WinMagic’s SecureDoc BitLocker encryption management solution, SecureDoc on Top (or SDOT) does just that. Offering enhanced administration, flexibility and efficiency, it helps reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance, reducing the risk associated with multiple data protection regulations.

WinMagic's flagship product, SecureDoc manages data encryption across virtually any hardware device, OS platform, or encryption method. It also plays well with many other security solutions, delivering a comprehensive data encryption platform, and supporting compliance without compromising productivity. It’s a simple way to reduce the cost of managing multiple native encryption types such as Microsoft BitLocker and FileVault2.

SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) can manage BitLocker encryption on endpoint devices, in the datacenter and even virtual machines in the Cloud. But BitLocker is just the beginning. SES gives enterprises the tools to manage encryption across virtually any OS, hardware or platform.

Securing the data in company computers, servers and IoT devices is an ever-changing process, marked by constant threats to critical data – from both outside and inside the organization. SecureDoc does more than simply manage keys. It enhances BitLocker encryption, taking it a step further and providing even higher levels of device and data security.

It gives IT administrators all the tools they need to secure Windows and non-Windows devices, and deliver multi-OS, flexible encryption for Cloud security teams tackling hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The addition of PBConnex (WinMagic’s unique pre-boot network authentication) to your SecureDoc BitLocker encryption, delivers faster and more secure authentication, policy enforcement, and recovery right across the network – even before the device starts up.

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A Guide to Managing BitLocker in the Enterprise

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With SecureDoc

With BitLocker


Pre-Boot Authentication

Unique user authentication at pre-boot
Pre-Boot network user authentication (AD)
Multifactor authentication (tokens, smartcards, biometrics)
Secure network auto unlock
Offline self-help password recovery option
Challenge and response password recovery
Customizable Pre-Boot Screen

Windows Security Features

Single Sign on
Password Synchronization
Policy driven Removable Media encryption with key management
Policy driven File and Folder encryption with key management
Challenge and response password recovery for removable media encryption
Port Control

Auditing and Reporting

Client pre-boot login auditing
BitLocker Recovery key access auditing

Installation and Deployment

Single location to configure BitLocker policies (No need to configure GPO)
Automatic TPM Provisioning
Ability to secure and manage OS that do not support BitLocker
Supports Self-Encrypting drives (TCG Opal drives)
Supports Self-Encrypting Drives (E-Drive)
Supports importing of standalone BitLocker enabled machines into centralized management
Silent deployment with no user interaction

With SecureDoc

With BitLocker