Enterprise Unified Key Management & VM Encryption for Cloud


Enrich the Microsoft Azure Experience with WinMagic SecureDoc CloudVM

This Webinar Discusses Key Features That Include:

  • Unique Key Policy Management Engine
  • Unified Platform for Encryption
  • Smart Policy Engine
  • Increased User Friendliness
  • Reporting at the Ready


What You Never Believed Bitlocker Could Do!


How does WinMagic’s SecureDoc On Top (SDOT )enhance BitLocker Management?

  • Increased User Friendliness – Single sign-on, with customizable pre-boot screens
  • Simplified Deployment – Allows for secure provisioning, transport and deployment of machines using temporary key files, with final ownership and key rights automatically transferred in a secure moment event upon authentication.
  • Next Level Functionality – Centralized Intelligent Key Management supporting Windows, Linux and Mac OS, BYOD and virtualized environments
  • Enhanced Security – Prevents accidentally (or intentionally) disabling BitLocker
  • Stronger Recovery – Multiple password reset methods to get end users up and running quicker


Data Protection on Cloud: Public, Private & Hybrid| Webinars


Enterprises today are increasingly moving some of their infrastructure towards cloud and keeping the core functions on premise. This environment opens up some vulnerabilities on the cloud. Not all enterprises are aware that security of data on the cloud is not the responsibility of the cloud player and this can be a big risk. One of the best way is to encrypt your instances on Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

  • How is this possible? Where do the keys lie?
  • Is it complex? How will organizations be compliant?
  • How will you manage encryption across all these platforms?

Data Security in Pharma: Are You Missing Something?|Webinars


The Pharmaceutical industry is increasingly becoming the target of cyber-attacks & espionage mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Intellectual property (drug formulas, manufacturing processes) as they have the potential to generate billions of dollars of revenue, and it is expensive & time consuming to undertake such R&D to generate intellectual property
  • Insiders rather than external hackers pose the biggest threat in organisations that hold large amounts of valuable intellectual property and trade secrets (DuPont breach in 2012)
  • The pharmaceutical & life sciences industry lag behind in implementing measures to protect against cyber-attacks as compared to other industries

How to Protect Critical Data in BFSI Industry


Traditionally the BFSI industry in India has the most advanced IT infrastructure in place and the most robust security technologies to support it. However, as we get into the stage of growth and development, with the industry growing tremendously with financial inclusion initiatives – effective management of the IT security infrastructure is a key pain area for most of companies, specially their IT operations teams.

Secure Before You Share: SecureDoc CloudSync


In an ideal world, data is secure and data that is saved in Cloud is protected. Unfortunately, we have seen that this is not the case, as many of these platforms have been hacked. Learn how SecureDoc CloudSync makes life easier for IT and security administrators.


Why Encryption is Crucial


Data loss is happening frequently and at an increasing rate around the world. And we’re not only talking about hacking into systems, but also the loss of physical devices such as laptops and USB keys. The loss can happen anywhere, not just in the workplace.

External Media: Threat to Enterprise Security Policy


Securely Manage the way you use USB sticks in your organization. Companies today are facing a unique challenge. The challenge between telling their users not to use any removable media or letting some of their "select" users use these media rampantly. For organizations that keep highly confidential information on hand, it's extremely important to ensure that information is secure when being moved to prevent things such as data leakage. The biggest challenge for IT organisation is really that they cannot create "have" and "have-not" in growing open and flat organisations. How can businesses manage this situation where you don't have to block access so users can comfortably and seamlessly share data while ensuring that IT can control and manage the entire infrastructure with minimum interferences.

An Introduction to SecureDoc


Watch this on-demand webinar to gain a high-level product understanding of SecureDoc and how WinMagic can aid in meeting your most complex data security requirements.

Enhancing Microsoft BitLocker for Your Enterprise


Watch this webinar and discover how companies that are considering or already utilizing Microsoft BitLocker to encrypt their corporate data can effectively utilize and take advantage of the BitLocker management solution to work in a mixed device environment and experience top-notch security on your data.

Secrets of a Successful IT Administrator


Watch this informative webinar as WinMagic introduces the ground breaking Pre Boot Networking Authentication Technology (PBNA) and how it can help IT Admins solve their daily IT headaches.

SecureDoc 6.1 Release


Download this on-demand webinar to find out what WinMagic’s award winning solution, SecureDoc has in store in the 6.1 release and how it can help meet your most complex data security requirements.