Windows 10 Encryption

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Windows 10 encryption

After more than twenty years in the endpoint encryption market, BitLocker and FileVault 2 continue to dominate the encryption market. These free native encryption solutions are supplied with Microsoft and Mac software. If you've migrated to Windows 10, you'll already have Bitlocker as part of your upgrade.

Both BitLocker and FileVault 2 offer unique benefits and will play a valuable role in your security strategy. But whichever OS and native encryption solution you're running, you'll still need a robust encryption management solution to manage your encryption. WinMagic's SecureDoc On Top (SDOT) for BitLocker can actually improve the security offered by BitLocker. It also adds powerful flexibility, ease of use and simplified management to keep your organization moving. It's a simple, efficient way of improving productivity and security for the ultimate enterprise solution. 

Let's look at Windows 10 encryption
BitLocker comes ready integrated with Windows 10 encryption, and doesn't need additional software. It does however need TPM chipping (version 1.2 or higher) to provide protection against firmware or hardware tampering. TPM is a universal technology integrated in most laptops these days, but if you don't have one, you can use a USB device. Microsoft offers an additional four BitLocker authentication options:

  • TPM-only
  • TPM and PIN
  • TPM and Startup Key / Startup Key-Only
  • TPM and Network Key

BitLocker does not support the concept of multiple users for one device, as it leads to password sharing practices. TPM-only is not a secure option as it fails to meet compliance requirements.

While BitLocker is a solid starting point in terms of Windows 10 encryption, SecureDoc combines usability with added security. It provides an integrated, smooth, high performance solution without compromise when layered onto BitLocker.

WinMagic compatibility with Windows 10 encryption
With so many third-party solutions in the market, compatibility is the gold standard for managing and deploying BitLocker for Windows 10 encryption. SecureDoc from WinMagic is delivered with all the expertise of a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers the following benefits:

  • Legacy-BIOS and UEFI support with Secure Boot
  • Support for Credential Guard and Device Guard
  • Full compatibility with Windows, Linux and Mac 

For a highly integrated solution, choose SecureDoc BitLocker Management as your Windows 10 encryption management partner.