SecureDoc Beta Program

Beta Program Signup

WinMagic’s beta program is designed to gather broad feedback from our existing customers and partners before a product is released.

Our objective is to keep providing high quality product releases, therefore, we aim to regularly provide our customers and partners an opportunity to try out and test the pre-released version(s) of SecureDoc.

What is Available in Beta for SecureDoc?

Intended for our existing customers and partners, SecureDoc beta release will allow our testers to evaluate certain upcoming features and functionalities and identify any suggestions/improvements that may improve SecureDoc prior to official release.

How to submit Beta Feedback to WinMagic

Our existing customers and partners are required to email their findings to Customers are required to submit the following information at the time of reporting:

  1. Logs
  2. Description
  3. Contact information

Please note that WinMagic’s support team should not be contacted for beta purposes.

How to Sign-up as a Beta Tester

Please fill out the form to sign-up for the Beta Program. A follow-up  email will be sent with further instructions