SecureDoc v5.3 SR3 Release Notes

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Critical Service Release

SecureDoc v5.3 SR3 is a critical software update. It is essential that all customers migrate to SecureDoc v5.3 SR3 from all previous versions of SecureDoc v5.3 (including SR1 and SR2).

This update contains the following fixes:

  • corrects the operation of the “Disable reboot following boot logon installation” option (see (1) below);
  • corrects and stops the continuation of a bug which made it possible for larger deployments to have duplicate device IDs (see (2) below).

(1) WinMagic strongly recommends that customers do not use the “Disable reboot following boot logon installation” option in all versions of SecureDoc until they have upgraded to SecureDoc v5.3 SR3.

This option appears in the device profile screen (see screenshot below).

(2) To prevent duplicate device IDs from being generated, first upgrade SES to SecureDoc v5.3 SR3; then either (a) deploy a patch to clients running SecureDoc v5.3 SR1 or v5.3 SR2 or (b) deploy the full SR3 update to the clients.

Once SecureDoc v5.3 SR3 is deployed, SES will generate new, unique device IDs for all affected clients.

Note: If you have deployed RMO (Removable Media Only) packages then you cannot use method (a) or (b). Instead, you must un-install the existing clients and re-deploy new installation packages from v5.3 SR3.




Improved the performance of the SES database layer for large numbers of simultaneous client connections.

Bug Fixes



"Run As" prompt appears when upgrading a Lenovo device from v5.3 SR1 to v5.3 SR2 on Windows XP SP3 (x86)

This has been fixed - the prompt no longer appears when you migrate to v5.3 SR3.

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