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Supported Hardware

WinMagic Inc. develops best-of-breed full-disk encryption software. We are convinced that INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS built on best-of-breed components are the solutions customers look for. WinMagic Inc. is building technology partnerships with:

  • Public Key Infrastructure vendors
  • Hardware token vendors
  • Biometrics vendors
  • Solution Providers
  • Other related organizations to offer customers the best possible solutions

WinMagic is a strategic partner of both Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. Customers can rest assured that all current HP and Lenovo laptops and desktops are fully supported by SecureDoc and offer easy management and integration.

In addition to these hardware partners, WinMagic also tests a variety of hardware from other OEMs to ensure we meet the needs of customers.
To see a full list of supported devices please see our compatibility matrix.

WinMagic works diligently to ensure the compatibility page is regularly updated as new SecureDoc product revisions are released to market. However, not all devices may be captured and there could be omissions given the rapid rate of change for hardware in the IT industry. If there is a specific model that isn’t on the list, please contact support or your sales representative for more information, clarification or confirmation.

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