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So what is BitLocker?

Resources to explain how to get the most out of BitLocker

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WinMagic toolkits are packed with great tools, tips, datasheets and videos. This one helps you get the most out of BitLocker and gives you practical advice on not only how to keep your data secure but to enhance BitLocker native encryption capabilities by introducing tools to expand it, including:

  • Business Brief: BitLocker – A Strong First Step in Data Security
  • Product Brief: SecureDoc on Top for BitLocker
  • Video: BitLocker Bites Series
  • Whitepaper: A Guide to Managing BitLocker in the Enterprise
  • eBook: A Guide to Better BitLocker Management.

So what is BitLocker?

For enterprises dominated by the Windows Operating System, Microsoft’s BitLocker has been naturally adopted to encrypt user devices, including PCs and laptops. But what is BitLocker?


BitLocker offers a built-in data encryption solution for your enterprise. Integrating BitLocker into the operating system is a good first step in improving data security. However, to expose the full capability of BitLocker, organizations require a comprehensive key management tool that enables user-based policies, allowing the administrator to better manage who gains access to data, what level of access is granted, and when or how they access it.


That’s what WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) provides – giving organizations total control over their data security environment, ensuring maximum security and transparency in the regular work flow. Find out more >>






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